10 green gestures to implement at the office

At the centre of the discussions of our time, the environement is a daily concern. We face many environmental issues and individuals are questioning themselves
Individualsindeed, but companies too!  

Indeedthis trend of preserving the planet can be applied both at home and in our professional environment, within our work space. 

At bmbywe believe that every gesture countseven on our own scale! 

That's why we offer you in this article, 10 eco-responsible gestures that are easy to integrate into your routine and that will allow you to make your business more sustainable on a daily basis. 


1 - The ECOLO Coffee Break  

There is a lot of waste generated by a simple coffee break.
Howeveryou can easily counteract the negative effects of this relaxing moment. First of all, make sure you have ashtrays available to prevent cigarette butts from being left in the wild. You can also replace disposable cups for tea and coffee with mugs and coffee cups. 

2 - Print is old-fashioned

Limit printing and, if necessaryfavor black-and-white duplex printing. When you start printing, reduce the size of your font to reduce your ink consumption, especially if it is not an official document. Remember to put an ink cartridge recycling system in place near the printer.
Finally, if your printout is misprinteddon't throw it away, if possible use it as a draft.
Last tip, 
you can put separate bins to sort recyclable and non-recyclable paper  

3 - Don't spam your entire

Limit email sendingWe can wonder how a simple click can be harnful to our environment, and yet it is.You should know that sending an email and storing it is possible thanks to computer servers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

their proper functioningthey are grouped together in data centers that run thousands of kilometers of cable and consume a colossal amount of energy.  That's not counting the energy used by our computers and the energy used by the servers storing the inboxes.

So before you click on the send button and copy the whole company, consider the following fact:"A single email travels about 15,000 miles of cable before it reaches its destination."  

Other easy tips: 

  • Empty unwanted emails 
  • Limit newsletter subscriptions 

4 - Remember, water is drinkable in our country

Use a flask or glasses of water instead of buying bottled water. You will thus stop buying plastic bottles every day, one of the main sources of water pollution on the planet and destructive for biodiversitywhich is ridiculous when the water is drinkable in our country. 

5 - The light is like at home ... we turn it off

Minimise energy consumption by switching off lights in unused roomsturning off the heating at night or in empty rooms. You should also remember to turn off electronic devices when they are not needed. As long as they are on, they consume energy.
It is also a good way to increase the lifetime of your appliances and thus limit your consumption.

6 - Let's stop wasting our supplies

Do the same with your office supplies to avoid waste and excessive consumption
Wait until your blue pen stops working before using a second one.?

7 - Walking is good for your health

Walk or take public transport to the office and if this is not possible, encourage car sharing. The carbon footprint can thus be drastically reduced. And your morale will be even better as a result. It has been proven that walking or cycling can reduce stress levels, which makes you start the day in better conditions. 

8 - Natural light as a productivity enhancer

Make maximum use of natural light so that you don't have lights on all day and opt for low-energy light bulbs. You can also have depolluting green plants.    

9 - ECO RESPONSIBILITY, an issue for all  

Finallydon't hesitate to raise awareness and organize waste reduction challenges.   

10 - :)


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