Flexible offices, what is it all about ?

Flexible offices are functional workspaces that are available for short or long periods of time.

This market segment includes six distinct types of environments and is now aimed at all sectors of activity, without exception.

Flexibility, in the plural.

The notion of flexibility is found unconditionally in the duration of contracts, but is also echoed in other aspects.

Je cherche un espace
Duration of the contract

1 hour one-off to several years

Je visite si nécessaire
Size of spaces

1 workplace to larger surfaces

Je réserve en ligne
Benefits and services

from a furnished place to a complete cleaning service, domiciliation, reception..

Je signe mon contrat
Cancellation conditions

1 to 6 months notice

Je paie ma location
Rent guarantee

from 0 to 3 months

To each his own working environment.

The flexible office market has diversified to meet the expectations of a higher number.

Business Centers

Rent a space for 1 hour or 3 years, add a call reception service to your contract - in addition to the reception of your customers already included in your contract - and rent meeting or conference rooms on request.

Why choose a business center ?


Join a space for short or long term, take your breaks around table football, take part in events and afterworks with other coworkers and organize your conferences or coaching in dedicated spaces.

Why choose a coworking ?

Managed Offices

Rent to measure from medium to long term, take advantage of equipment on request and appropriate the premises as if they were your own.

Here, your brand takes over.


Rent a small or very large surface area, medium or long term, and share the costs. Here you will have free access to the meeting room at no extra charge. You will also be able to put your name on the front door as if it were your own premises.

Why choose a sublease ?

Incubators & accelerators

Join a space that will support you in your development and in which you can grow until you are well established. Take advantage of advice, services, facilities and contacts at will to maximize your chances of success.

A type of space for each need.

In addition to offering a variety of environments, flexible renting offers the possibility to choose the ideal space, according to your own needs - confidentiality; creativity; calm; mobility - to finally have an office and workplace that fully meet your expectations.

Move your cursor on the map to discover the different possible spaces and their characteristics.

Price concept.

Flexible Rental VS Classic Rental
Price calculation
Price per place or space
Price Calculation
Price per sqm/year
Water, heating and electricity
Water, heating and electricity
Charged extra
Desks, chairs, meeting tables
Desks, chairs, meeting tables
To be expected in addition
Printer, telephone, internet
included or on request
Printer, telephone, internet
Benefits & services
Customer reception, secretariat, cleaning
included or on request
Prestation & services
Customer reception, secretariat, cleaning
not included
Common spaces
Meeting room, kitchen, relaxation areas
Common spaces
Meeting room, kitchen, relaxation areas
for exclusive use

The flexible office, an ideal environment for everyone.

From family offices to marketing agencies and healthcare professionals, flexible rentals allow each structure to find the right office in terms of standing, friendliness or discretion.

Whether the search for the ideal space is geared towards a certain standard, friendliness or discretion, it will suffice to combine an environment in its image and a space that meets its needs to meet its expectations.

At the same time, the flexibility offered by flexible leasing makes it possible to arrange their offices according to their desires and to commit to a budget and a period in line with their liquidity and growth.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey office or one that reflects your image, flexible rental is for you.