Frequently asked questions

Users – I am searching for a space.

In the announcement you are interested in, use the Book this space window on the right-hand side of the page and follow the steps.

In the announcement you are interested in, click on Plan a visit in the orange window on the right and fill in the form.

You can also contact us directly, we will be happy to plan one or more visits according to your availability.

All the announcements are available on the page Find a space . Remember to use filters to display only the spaces that interest you.

The contact details of the workspace partner are communicated to you after your request for a booking or visit.

Lease or sublease contracts are concluded between the Partner and the User independently and on the basis of their own responsibility.

bmyb is therefore not a party to the contract.

For short bookings, up to 3 months, the Terms and Conditions are sufficient and govern all the rules between the parties.

For longer rentals, it is advisable to sign a contract and bmyb will assist you in setting up your file.

For rentals up to 3 months, you simply have to indicate your full name, sector of activity, and provide an invoicing address.

For longer bookings : an extract from the commercial register if you are a company, a copy of your identity document and a copy of your professional/corporate liability insurance policy.

Some workspace partners may also request a certificate of non-suit, your balance sheet or your profit and loss account.

No, you only pay the amount of your booking.

bmyb.ch is completely free for the User who is looking for a workspace.

The workspace partner, the one who publishes an announcement.

You can book one year in advance if you wish.

However, a booking months in advance may not be attractive for the workspace partner because he would lose several months of rent.

Note that the workspace partner has 48 hours to validate your booking, but if you want to go faster, just contact us !

The list of equipment made available is displayed in the announcement, as well as the included or optional services.

As soon as your booking request is validated by the workspace partner, but at the latest the day before the start of your rental.

Payment must have been received on bmyb's account for your reservation to be validated.

An invoice will be generated by the bmyb.ch platform as soon as your booking has been confirmed by the workspace partner and will be immediately available on your bmyb account.

Payments must be made by bank transfer. bmyb does not provide an online payment platform for rent payments.


We invite you to pay the entirety of your booking on the bmyb.ch platform. Only optional services not offered by bmyb can be paid for on site.

Unless otherwise specified, short term bookings may be cancelled up to one month prior to the date of access to the workspace at no charge.

If you cancel between one month and two weeks before the access date to the workspace, 50% of the total amount of the booking is due. After this period, the total amount of the booking is due.

Once a contract (e.g. a lease) is signed, the parties may no longer cancel unless they agree otherwise.


If the cancellation was made by the workspace partner or if you have respected the cancellation deadlines.


The workspace partner has, like you, this possibility.

However, this is rare and unlikely.

By clicking here or by clicking on My account once logged in.

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The bmyb deal is a discount granted spontaneously by the workspace partner. It is not mandatory and is calculated on the initial price of the spaces.

This discount makes it possible to offer attractive prices to bmyb Users and to improve referencing on bmyb.ch.

Workspace partner – I publish an announcement.


Subleasing is authorized within the meaning of Article 262 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

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Not yet registered ? Sign up and then click on Publish a space.

No, none.

bmyb only charges a commission in the event of a rental.

bmyb perceives a commission of 10, 12 or 15% of the amount excluding taxes of the booking.
See the remuneration on bmyb, how does it work ?

bmyb only charges a commission in the event of a rental.

The first week of each month.

Each month you will receive an invoice in your favour, with details of the amount collected, the commission received by bmyb and the balance paid to you.


Each month you will receive an invoice in your favour, with details of the amount collected, the commission received by bmyb and the balance paid to you.

An e-mail is sent directly to you, on which a link allows you to validate or refuse the booking request.

An e-mail is sent to you directly, on which a link allows you to validate or refuse the visit request.

An e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you provided when you signed up and once your company has been registered.

Check your SPAMS or the address provided if you cannot find them.

By clicking here or by clicking on My account once connected.

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Name, first name and details of a contact person, company name, address and sector of activity of the company, as well as your VAT number if you are a taxable person.

Your announcements are anonymous, your company name does not appear and your location is indicated approximately.

The name and address of your company, the name and telephone number of the contact person.

For rentals of less than one month, Users only provide their first and last name, contact details, sector of activity and provide bmyb with an invoicing address.

For longer bookings, bmyb also requires an extract from the commercial register in the case of a company, a copy of the signatory's identity document and a copy of the professional/corporate liability insurance policy.

If you wish, you can request a certificate of non-compliance, a balance sheet and a profit and loss account.

However, at bmyb, we believe that a 3-month bank guarantee sufficiently covers the risks, which is why we are satisfied with a minimum of documents.

bmyb recommends to verify if the Users have a professional liability insurance.

In the case of a dispute, Swiss law protects you in this respect. As an intermediary, bmyb cannot be held liable.

The bmyb deal is a discount that our workspace partners grant to bmyb Users. The platform guarantees in this way a preferential market to its community.

Note that granting a bmyb deal allows you to be better referenced.

We suggest that you follow these few tips :

  • Display quality photos
  • Offer flexibility in the duration of the contract
  • Write a complete and concise description, without spelling mistakes
  • Be responsive when booking or visiting requests are made.

The Advanced and All-inclusive packages offer a better referencing.

The bmyb deal is also a good way to be better referenced.

You will be informed of his contact details in the request for a visit or the request for a rental.

If you accept these requests, you will be able to access his contact information at any time on your bmyb account.


It is not mandatory to accept a rental request.

Not unless it is contrary to the bmyb values.

But be careful, if you systematically refuse requests without a valid reason, bmyb reserves the right to suspend your announcements.

You are free to choose the minimum and maximum duration according to your wishes.

For shared spaces, we recommend offering maximum flexibility, with a minimum duration of 1 to 3 months.

For private spaces, a rental from 6 months is attractive.

If no contract has been signed, the leases made on bmyb.ch end at their term without renewal.

If a contract has been signed, the conditions, including the period of notice, are indicated.

In this case, a signed termination letter must be sent to bmyb and/or the landlord/sub-lessor/principal tenant.

Unless otherwise agreed, early termination is only rarely possible.

In order to free yourself from your obligations, however, you have the possibility of proposing a solvent candidate who would take over your contract under the same conditions.

How to find a solvent candidate ? By publishing for free on bmyb of course !

As a tenant, you must have the consent of your landlord - which cannot ne refused without just cause - to sublet your offices.

In addition, you will have to communicate the terms of the sublease - or send a copy of the contract - to the owner or the agency that represents him.

We recommend obtaining a written agreement, before publishing your announcement, and at the latest during the first visit.

The price varies according to the location, the quality of the object, the services included and the duration of the rental.

You can compare your workspace with the offers already available on bmyb. Our team is also at your disposal to advise you.


Business centers.

Any company that has workspaces for administrative us that it does not use.

When bmyb cashes in on behalf of the workspace partner, the invoice is sent the first week of each month.

When the workspace partner manages the invoicing itself, the invoice is sent when the rental contract is signed.

Yes, if you are a primary or sub-tenant, you must ask your landlord's consent to sublease. It cannot be refused without just cause.

We recommend that you make a written request to your landlord.

To avoid any problems, make sure you establish the contractual framework properly. A good tailor-made contract, a rent guarantee of 1 to 3 months and professional/corporate liability insurance help to avoid most of the possible worries associated with office sharing.

If, despite this problems remain, contact us, we will help you to solve any problems related to your sublease.

It is recommended to first discuss with your sub-tenant, omissions may occur. If, despite this, the rent is not paid promptly, a formal notice must be sent to the sub-lessee.

Rent guarantees remain the best tools to protect against non-payment.